Wet Basement Might be Caused by your Neighbour’s Yard

Wet Basement Cause

The saying “Good fences make good neighbours” shouldn’t prevent you from having good relationships with your neighbours.  Building a good sense of community with the people in your Montreal neighbourhood can foster a good working relationship when heavy rains or thaws cause flooded yards or damage lawns.  A good relationship also makes difficult conversations if you think the potential source of the problem with your home is their property.  If you can’t find exactly what is causing water to be in your basement, it might be that something in your neighbour’s yard is the culprit.

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If your neighbour has altered the landscaping of his property by adding stone work or retaining walls, changed the grade of the property or removed a tree he has changed the way the water runs off his property.  Even if no work has been done, natural erosion can change water flow.  If your land lies below that of your neighbour’s you have the potential for water to collect against your foundation. 

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If your neighbour uses a sprinkler system to water his lawn but you notice it is running more than it should, give them a call.  They don’t want to be responsible for flooding the neighbourhood’s yards!  If their downspout is directed toward your property, you should ask that it be re-directed so that their excess water doesn’t become your problem.  Having good relationships should mean these requests are not unwelcomed.

Lot Drainage Infill
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Your neighbour is not responsible however if, by chance, your house’s lot happens to sit at a lower grade than theirs.  You might experience water entering your basement or even flooding caused by excessive rainfall or thawing even if they don’t.  If you recognize this possibility you need to protect your home by properly waterproofing the basement.  Waterproofing your basement and taking steps to divert any excess water flow will ensure your property is not damaged.  If your property sits on a lower level in your neighbourhood, take the crucial step to call in professional basement waterproofers to give you the peace of mind that your basement will stay dry.