How a Dehumidifier can help Eliminate Basement Moisture Problems

Basement Moisture Problems

While spring has been late in arriving this year, it has finally come to Montreal!  Spring weather also brings out the list of home maintenance chores to be tacked including checking your basement to make sure it stays dry.  Leaks and unhealthy mold can cause serious property damage.  With temperatures outside fluctuating, internal temperature controls are adjusted frequently and humidity levels change along with them.  Spring time warmth and melting snow brings increased moisture into the air and into your home, especially into your basement where humidity levels tend to be high.  You might want to consider a dehumidifier to help keep your basement dry.

Basement Dehumidifier
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A dehumidifier takes the moisture out of the air improving the air quality in your basement and home.  It can draw out moisture that is hidden in the small cracks in your basement walls or foundation.  Mold and mildew grows in moist conditions.  Ridding your basement of excess moisture can be a key piece of waterproofing your basement.

Basement Humidity
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You might determine there is a need to address the humidity in your basement because you simply smell the telltale mustiness or you have a humidity metre measure the level of moisture in the air.  Once you recognize the problem you can choose between a condenser or a venting dehumidification system.

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A condenser system will dry your basement by converting the moisture into water.  The non-potable water can be used to water plants but should not be used on garden vegetables.  A condenser system often requires emptying the drip pan and have sensors to check for overflow.  Other models use hosing to a drain or pumping system to empty the collection pan. 

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Venting dehumidifiers take the damp air and move it back before it has an opportunity to move upward into the rest of your home.  Venting systems are energy efficient and also filter your air at the same time resulting in a cleaner, odourless air quality. The system can be hidden in an unfinished portion of your basement but still has the ability to draw air from you finished basement space.

A basement waterproofing professional can help you decide which dehumidification system to use in your basement.