Life time, Fully Transferable Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

  • Before excavating the foundation, we contact all utilities and setting out the stakes
  • Expose and wash the foundation walls and footing
  • Cracks and other holes in the foundation are filled with hydraulic cement and the whole wall is parged with concrete
  • A membrane of RUBER BITUTHANE is applied to the foundation wall and footing
  • A plastic drainage mat – a DELTA MS (also known as THE WRAP) – covers the wall down to the level of the footing
  • A new weeping tile is installed and connected to the drainage point and sounded in clean ¾”gravel
  • Soil is backfilled and compacted
  • All debris is removed from the site
  • Any surface work is replaced such as concrete paving, asphalt, or interlocking stone.

Your home’s foundation needs to be waterproofed when you find water or moisture has made its way into your basement.

Any number of factors may have caused your basement to let water get in where you don’t want it! You may have a congested weeping tile with debris, soil or roots from trees or bushes blocking the flow of water away from your home. You may have cracks in the foundation or separated blocks or voids where the foundation and the footings of your home meet. The original builder’s waterproofing may not have been properly installed. You need the experts at City Wide Group to identify how the water is getting into your basement and how to make sure it stops.