Repair Your Foundation Cracks Before Finishing Your Basement

Repair Your Foundation Cracks

When you first purchased your Montreal home you may have planned to expand your living space by finishing the basement. To avoid extra costs and major problems in the future, you need to carefully examine the foundation of your home. You can see the history of your home in the exposed foundation. If you see small cracks in the foundation and think they are harmless you should think again especially if you have not lived in the home through any extreme weather conditions. Heavy rains, rapid thawing and burst water lines can severely blood a basement that is not waterproof. If you fail to take steps to remedy the small cracks you can expect big problems. 

Finished Basement
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Simply filling the cracks in your foundation from the inside is not enough. A professional basement waterproofing company will dig a trench around your home to carefully inspect the foundation walls for cracks or voids.  Repairing the cracks and reinforcing your foundation is the only way to prevent further cracking. This work may also involve updating the water drainage system to make sure there is no pooling of water around the base of your home. 

Cracked Foundation
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While cracks and pooling water are obvious, you should also take note of any sloping of the floors, doors that don’t meet the frame properly. These are all signs that there is a problem with your foundation. Hidden cracks can only be ignored until they become the cause of water getting into your basement. If you don’t handle these cracks first and make sure your basement is waterproof, all the work and expensive of finishing your basement will be wasted. Repairing foundation cracks after you have finished the basement to create a lovely living space adds expense and upheaval you don’t want. Make sure you have professional basement waterproofing conducted first. Go to the company that can guarantee your basement will be dry before you start work.