Spring Time Checks to Prevent Basement Leaks

Spring Time Checks

The spring sunshine and warmer temperatures enable us to take a look around the perimeter of our homes to check for any water leakage issues.  Making sure your basement stays dry by waterproofing your foundation can be a good, proactive step to a carefree summer.  If you don’t protect it now, you may find that summer storm will include leaking or flooding in your basement, causing you worry and expense.  Here’s a list of places you should examine on your home inspection:

Basement Window
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A common place for water to leak into your basement are windows.  You should repair cracks in the window frame and undertake any necessary re-caulking.  Window wells that contain pools of water are not draining properly; you should clear debris and take steps to channel the water away from your foundation.  Waterproofing basement windows will reduce the chances that water will get into your basement.

Water Flowing Downstream From The Gutter
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If your eavestroughs are clogged or have been damaged over time you have the potential for water to be flowing from the roof down against the foundation of your home instead of being channeled away from the base.  Waterproofing your home will involve addressing clogged or broken drainage systems.

Backyard Pool
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A backyard swimming pool or underground sprinkler system should be inspected for leaks.  Even small leaks in the pump or hose can lead to saturated soil in your yard and a great risk of pooling around your foundation.  If you don’t have either of these features in your backyard look to your neighbour’s property – it might be the source of your problems.  A basement waterproofing professional will include all sources of water in your home’s inspection.

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Montreal and area is known to experience torrential downpours during the summer months.  It is well worth your time and effort to ensure you have thoroughly checked your home for potential problems.  Most basement leaking issues can be avoided by an ounce of prevention.  Make sure you can enjoy your summer by knowing you have taken the steps to have it be worry-free.