Don’t finish your basement without…

Don’t finish your basement without

Many Montreal homeowners use springtime to start planning basement finishing or renovation projects.  Depending on the scope of your undertaking and budget, it can be well worth it to expand your living space and increase the value of your property.  However if you don’t include making sure your basement is waterproof first, you might encounter major costs later.  Having water ruin your newly finished drywall, panelling, carpets or flooring would be a nightmare scenario.  You have to make sure your basement won’t be damaged by a leak in your foundation.

Water Damage
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When you discover any water or moisture in your basement it is really important to find the source of the problem and fix it with the appropriate waterproofing methods.  If you wait too long, you could have more than just a little water, you could have a flood!  Then you have not only an expensive repair process but also an emotional loss as your property and belongings have been damaged, often beyond repair.  So, the ideal course of action is to take the time and effort to inspect your basement for any potential signs of moisture damage before you invest your hard-earned money into finishing the basement rooms.

Basement Leak
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If your basement is constructed with cinder blocks you need to examine them carefully for any marks of a white powdery material.  This can be the sign of minerals from water coming into your basement or foundation walls.  You could just paint over it but that will only look good until the water makes its way through anyway.

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Often people think basements are supposed to smell; that earthy, moldy smell is a sign of dampness that people commonly associate with basements. That odour can penetrate into your basement’s drywall, furniture, carpeting and other fabrics causing permanent damage. Mold can cause health problems to your family. Bringing in the experts from a professional basement waterproofing company to advise you on the right dehumidification system for your basement can ensure you won’t have that nasty smell, or worse yet, mold.

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