Avoiding a wet basement due to leaky windows

Avoiding a wet basement

Many older home in Montreal and the surrounding area were built before basements were intended to be living spaces.  Springtime renovation projects often involve replacing older windows especially if there has been any leakage problems during the thaw.  Moisture and even water leakage has been expected in basement windows because they eventually wear out and cannot keep the elements at bay.  Long-time leaking can also cause damage or rotting of the window frame leading to replacing the whole structure.  Small problems with window leaks can lead to a much bigger issue with moisture build up and eventually the growth of unhealthy mold.  If you have water coming in through your window frames you need to take steps before it causes major damage to your home:

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You can stop unwanted water from entering through the basement window casings by caulking the interior and exterior window frames.  Separate types of caulking agents will provide the appropriate barrier to rainwater or thawing snow to enter your basement.  Keep in mind, you must address both the inside and outside to stop the water – taking care of the interior will not stop water from collecting against the frame and finding a way into your home.

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If your home has built-in window wells you need to make sure they are clear of leaves, dirt, ice or snow which allows water to pool and leak into your basement.  Window well covers are a good investment as they prevent debris to fill and water to pool in the well.  It’s also a good idea to have clear vertical drains to carry water to the weeping tiles and away from your foundation.

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Water finds the easiest path and while the water may be getting in through the window structure, it may be showing up in some other area of your basement.  Basement waterproofing professionals can advise you on all the steps to take to keep the water out – protecting your home’s foundation.