Waterproofing and Basement Conversion

If you’re planning to renovate your home here’s something to think about. Converting your basement from a dank, musty cellar into attractive, useful living space is a good alternative to buying a larger home. It can also make you money when you do decide to sell. And, you get to enjoy the added space while living there.

The Appraisal Institute of Canada again ranked basement conversion or finishing among the top ten payback renovation values. Even if future value return is not your primary priority, think about all the possibilities of that extra space.

Basement conversion is less complicated than many renovation projects. The central problem that must be solved is dampness or wetness.

If your basement leaked last spring, it will leak again. If water comes in during thunderstorms, it will come in again. Even the presence of the smallest amount of water or dampness can damage your planned finishes.

If you are planning a basement renovation or if your basement is already finished and you’ve spotted water infiltration, save yourself money and frustration by addressing your basement water leakage problem as soon as you spot it. Unfortunately, the problem of a wet basement does not go away when the floor or walls dry up. Any leaks will only be worse the next time conditions are right.

Many homeowners and novice waterproofers try to stop water with different methods but without success. A professional trained approach is required. The experts at the City Wide Group will provide a free assessment of your wet basement and identify the most economical permanent solution so that you can proceed with your fabulous finishes without worry. And, if the height of your basement is a too low, ask us about underpinning combined with waterproofing to expand your home’s possibilities.