Spring Thaw and Wet Basements

It’s a sure sign of spring.

The basement is leaking and you need hip waders to do the laundry. You are not alone. One in three cellars is also soaked. Great volumes of water can be created quickly by melting snow or spring rains and this water readily leaks into unprotected basements. A leaky basement is always an unpleasant surprize but it is extremely common. Some homeowners simply mop up the water and hope it never happens again. But that is a short-sighted approach. Water damage from foundation leakage can ruin any improvements you’ve made to your home and will facilitate the growth of molds and bacteria that can affect your health and that of you family.

“So what’s going on?” many cry. “The basement never leaked before!” In the spring, when the ground may still be frozen or desiccated and pulled away from the foundation, water has an easy path of access. If there are any failures or flaws in the old, existing system of waterproofing or weeping tiles (if any were even installed), then water gains easy access to your basement. At the City Wide Group we can easily diagnose the source of your foundation leakage and develop a repair plan using the most advanced waterproofing technologies to assure a custom solution for your home. Permanent waterproofing will save you time and money over the life of your home. It is the logical solution.

Every spring, more homeowners in the GTA choose the City Wide Group’s professional services for their home than any other. CWG strives hard to provide unparalleled value and service to their customers. They have set the highest basement waterproofing and service standards for years. They provide the most proven and guaranteed foundation leakage solutions to homeowners in a timely and professional manner. The company has the expertise to fix any water leakage problem in any structure. Discover how the City Wide Group can solve your wet basement problems permanently.