How do Basements Leak

Whether you have never had water in the basement of your Montreal area home before but you have it now, you will certainly have it in the future! Most basements will eventually leak and once they do water will continue to find a way in. Even insurance companies don’t cover the costs associated with damage caused by a foundation leaking. Plugged or absent exterior drainage tiles, grading of the soil around your home, settling of your property, extreme weather conditions, high water tables are all possible factors in your foundation woes. Cracks and voids in the foundation caused by these problems allow water to enter your basement.

City Wide Group professionals can identify the problem and recommend the solution to your problem. Once we have waterproofed your basement we can guarantee you will be able to declare you have a dry basement once again.

Understanding Your Wet Basement

There are two facts about water: 1) it will always flow to the lowest point and fill up a space to create pressure; 2) it will always follow the easiest path to do so. Think about how your home was built. The contractor dug a hole, filled it with your foundation, and backfilled the soil around your home. There is a lot of potential for water to find that low point and collect around the low points around the foundation. Often the backfill is not as densely compacted as the rest of the land and it grants an easy pathway to water. All you need is a good rain or heavy thaw to create the flow of water toward your basement walls or footing.

While your home’s construction crew may have installed weeping tile system to avoid the potential water problems over time excess silt or tree and bush roots clog them up so that the water starts to build up. Eventually the water seeks another path and if you have any deterioration in your foundation caused by cracks, or poorly plugged tie rod holes it will take that entry point into your basement. You need to call the experts to find the source of the problem and fix it to ensure your foundation is not inviting unwanted water into your home.